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Barbeques Galore accordians

Who is Barbeques Galore?

At Barbeques Galore our passion is to help everyone BBQ better. We have been in the business of BBQs for over 40 years starting in 1977. Our team of experts love everything about BBQ and the outdoor experience and we are determined to supply Australians with quality BBQs and the better advice to ensure you can make the most of your BBQ.

It’s not just BBQs that we sell though, we have a wide range of outdoor furniture to keep your family and friends comfortable while you are cooking up a storm. Don’t worry about winter because we have you covered with our range of indoor and outdoor heaters to keep you warm and toasty all year long.

Why Buy From Barbeques Galore?

In Australia, we have been working in the BBQ business for longer than anyone else. This means that we know everything there is to know about BBQs.

We have a passionate team of experts in store who are as passionate about BBQ as you are.

We take care of you like family from start to finish and beyond, our warranty and customer support team are bursting with BBQ knowledge and love to help you make the most of your products, and support you when in need.

Our range extends beyond BBQ to ensure you can create the outdoor living experience you need. We stock BBQs, Outdoor Furniture, Indoor Wood Heaters, Firepits and a huge range of accessories to help you BBQ better.

How many stores does Barbeques Galore have?

Barbeques Galore has over 90 stores nationwide. Click here to find your local store.

What services does Barbeques Galore Provide?

At Barbeques Galore we provide expert advice and service in our stores. But what else do we offer?

Delivery: We can provide you with delivery of your new products direct to your home.

Assembly: If you don’t have the time or are otherwise unable, we can provide you with in home assembly services to get your new BBQ or furniture setting up and running.

Natural Gas Conversions: As natural gas conversions must be completed by a certified gas plumber, we cannot offer the installation. Each store can provide you with a contact who has experience with BBQ gas conversions who will be able to complete this for you.

Wood Heater Installations: Our stores are able to assist you in booking the installation of your wood heater.

Warranty: We have a full customer care team that will assist you with any parts, or servicing needs that fall under warranty. The team are also more than happy to assist you with any other technical enquiries.

Where can I get the best BBQ tips and advice?

The best place for tips and advice on barbequing is in store speaking with a passionate and expert team member. If you are unable to get into store or would prefer to find information online, we have Youtube, Facebook and Instagram accounts which provide helpful tips and recipes for your BBQ.

What other products does Barbeques Galore have?

Of course at Barbeques Galore you would expect that we sell BBQs, smokers, fuel and BBQ accessories, but you may not be aware of the other products sold in our incredible range.

We stock a huge range of outdoor furniture including lounge chairs and settings, dining settings, balcony settings umbrellas. Additionally to this, we also stock outdoor essentials like cushions, decorations and even outdoor tableware.

When the days start getting shorter and winter approaches we don’t stop there, Barbeques Galore is the home of wood heating. We also sell gas and electric heaters so that no matter your fuel, our range of indoor heaters has a heater to suit your home and keep you and your family warm for winters to come. We also stock a range of outdoor heaters including firepits and gas heaters.

Does Barbeques Galore Sell Heaters?

At Barbeques Galore we sell both indoor and outdoor heaters.

Indoor: We are the home of wood heating, we have a huge range of wood heaters including both convection and radiant heaters. The wood heater brands we stock are Saxon, Maxiheat, Norseman, Austwood and in select stores, Clean Air. We also sell gas and electric heaters to keep your family warm if you do not have capabilities for a wood heater to be installed.

Outdoor: Our range of outdoor heaters ensures you can entertain all year long. We stock firepits, gas heaters and electric heaters so there is something that will work for everyone.

What can I cook on my BBQ?

We all know that steaks, snags and grilling are what BBQ is about, but what you might not know is that you can take anything you’d typically cook in the kitchen, outdoors to your BBQ which doubles as an outdoor oven.

A BBQ can roast chicken, beef, pork, lamb and anything else to complete perfection, we even recommend adding a few rubs and smoking techniques to create a flavour like no other.

Your BBQ is not limited to meat though, you can bake in your BBQ which means you have the capabilities to get creative and make breads, scones, cakes… there is no limit to what you can achieve!

Where can I find BBQ recipes?

We stock a fantastic selection of cookbooks to help you BBQ better. The books range anywhere from BBQ, Smoking, Informational, and even Pizzas.

For easy access recipes and helpful content, you can visit our Recipe blog on site which can be found here.

What is the difference between a smoker and a gas BBQ?

A gas BBQ is an Aussie delicacy, they are easy to use and incredibly versatile. But if you are looking to expand your BBQ experience, get creative and have that WOW factor for your cook ups, a smoker is the way to go.

Smokers are typically used for low and slow cooking, rather than the direct grilling we are used to. The smoke created infuses the food with flavour and locks in moisture to create a flavour experience that simply cannot be rivalled by gas cooking. We recommend smoking meats for a minimum of 2 hours before turning the heat up to finish the cook. Of course, this will vary with what you are cooking and the size of your meat.

The experimentation and community around BBQ smoking means you will never run out of new experiences and flavour options. If you are brand new to smoking, we suggest stocking up on chicken wings and experimenting until you have discovered what works best for your tastes, this is a cheap way to get the hang of it and fall in love with delicious smoked food, just like we have.

What type of smokers are there?

With so many different smoker types to choose from, how do you know where to start? Below is a brief overview of the different types of BBQ smoker to help you narrow down what will work best for you.

Gas: Gas smokers work by using a gas bottle to create a low heat in conjunction with flavoured smoking chips to create an authentic smoked taste. They are among the easiest smoker type to use as you can set the BBQ to temperature and leave it alone to cook. If you have a busy lifestyle and little time, this will be perfect for you.

Electric: Like gas, these smokers are usually a set and forget operation. There are many types of electic smoker but typically, they use electricity to generate a heat source and wooden bisquettes or pellets to enhance the flavour profile. These smokers are easier to use than the typical charcoal smoker but the flavour is not sacrificed so you will enjoy everything you cook as if it were done in the traditional way.

Charcoal and Wood Fired: Charcoal and Wood Fired smokers give you the most authentic and traditional smoked flavour of all smoker types. These smokers are best suited to someone who is willing to put time and care into the experience, while that may sound intimidating, the result is more than worth the effort. Anyone can learn to use a charcoal smoker, with a little trial and practice you can become an expert.

Traditional Gas BBQs: That’s right, even your traditional gas BBQ can be used as a smoker and enhance the already fantastic flavours. To do this you can use a smoker box filled with a handful of the flavoured smoking chips of your choice, pre heat the BBQ until there is a good amount of smoke coming from the box and then roast on a lower temperature than usual for a longer time (you can always put the heat up after a few hours). This is also an excellent way to try out smoking before venturing into the world of smoker BBQs.

For any further information, our in store team are packed with knowledge and firsthand experience. They are eager to help you in finding the perfect smoker to suit your lifestyle and budget.

What is the best flavoured wood to use for smoking?

With so many flavours of smoking chips and chunks it can be an intimidating and sometimes taste ruining decision of which wood type to smoke with. Below, we narrow down your choice to let you know which flavours work best with which foods.

Alder: Poultry, Seafood & Pork
Apple: Poultry, Seafood and Lamb
Cherry: Poultry, Seafood, Lamb, Pork and Beef
Hickory: Pork, Beef and Cheese
Maple: Poultry and Vegetables
Mesquite: Pork, Beef and Cheese
Oak: Poultry, Seafood, Lamb, Pork & Cheese
Pecan: Poultry, Pork & Beef

With so many flavours of smoking chips and chunks it can be an intimidating and sometimes taste ruining decision of which wood type to smoke with. Below, we narrow down your choice to let you know which flavours work best with which foods.

How do I build my new BBQ or Outdoor Setting?

Most of our products require some level of assembly but they are all simple to build. They come supplied with easy to follow instruction manuals that include pictures and descriptions. For heavier products we suggest enlisting a friend to ensure you are maintaining safety, you can even cook them some snags to say thank you when the job is done.

If you do not have the time, or are otherwise unable to put your products together on your own, we offer an assembly service which can be booked in store with a member of our friendly team.

What warranty does Barbeques Galre offer?

At Barbeques Galore we stand by every product we sell. The warranty on individual products will vary with our minimum warranty set to 12 months.

For specific warranty information or help with a warranty claim, our team can be reached on 1300 301 392, they are there to help and will provide you with product, parts and warranty information.

What payment terms are available?

We offer a variety of payment terms to ensure you can pay for your products in a way that you are comfortable.

Credit Card: We accept all types or credit or debit card. Pay Pal: for safe and secure checkout.Layby: Available in store only, layby terms ask a deposit of 10% with payment every 2 weeks, stock can be held for 6 weeks.

Buy Now & Pay Later:

Zip: We offer both Zip Pay and Zip Money so there is a payment term for all products and budgets. Own it now & pay later up to 24 months interest free.

Afterpay: With payments every 2 weeks over an 8 week period this is an interest free option for use on orders less than $1200 to easily pay in four equal instalments. More information

Lattitude: At Barbeques Galore, 0% interest terms of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months are available, with Payment Plans available for purchases as little as $300. You have the flexibility to make extra payments at any time to reduce your balance, and interest is only calculated on any remaining balance at the end of your 0% interest period. Apply online here.

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