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BBQ Pantry

BBQ Pantry

Rubs, sauces & marinades

Get the flavour party going with our delicious range.

Are family and friends coming around for a huge barbeque soon? Whether you’re grilling, roasting or smoking your meats low n’ slow, one thing is for sure. Good meats become incredible when prepared with outstanding BBQ rubs and sauces. A great rub or sauce will elevate the flavour of your meats and have everyone’s tastebuds screaming “flavour explosion!” That’s what you want. Your guests want to have a flavour party in their mouths don’t they? Take your pick from our wide range of lip-smackingly delicious BBQ rubs and sauces for palates of all types. Love your meat woody with a hint of earth? Slow smoke your favourite cuts of meat with the Pit Happens BBQ rub and transport yourself and your guests right into the heart of Texas. The Jack Dillions’ Sticky Maple Smokehouse BBQ sauce or Bourbon Smokehouse BBQ sauce are also fantastic alternatives for smoky fruity flavours. If you enjoy your meats on the sweeter side, the Bradley Organic Maple Syrup makes for a flawless BBQ marinade. Another great option is the Sweet Rub o'Mine BBQ Rub perfected by Mark Lambert, Three Time World Champion BBQ Pitmaster. The BBQ rub includes turbinado sugar and evaporated cane sugar for a mouth-watering, honeyed finish that will leave your guests begging for more. If you and your guests enjoy your BBQ meat off-the-charts spicy, we highly recommend the Reaper Paste or Scorpion Strike. With a heat rating of 15+/10, if you and your guests are up for getting your sinuses cleared out, the Reaper Paste or Scorpion strike are the BBQ sauces for you. Last but not least, if you’re hosting a party where tastes are diverse and you need a little everything, the Rub Your Butt 3 Pack of BBQ Rubs is perfect. The pack includes three varieties of gourmet BBQ rubs -- KC Butt Spice gives your pork, beef or chicken a good spice kick. Pig’s Ass Rub will give your meats a bold tangy, savoury flavour. The Carolina Style Rub Some Butt is great for giving your chicken or pulled pork a robust, mustardy flavour. As the label says, these BBQ rubs are just right for rubbin’ your pig’s butt! Do you need help deciding which BBQ rubs and sauces are right for you? Have a look at our BBQ recipes for more ideas.

Sauces and Rubs

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